On 22nd September, 1970 Stanley Rao was born in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and later moved to Bangalore, Karnataka. He was a cum laude graduate from Loyola College. He attended BITS, Pilani earning Bachelors in Computer Science. After Bachelors, he attended Wayne State University where he received his Master's Degree. He is currently the CEO and President of Champions Group. Champions Group is a global business group with forays into Data Digitization, Marketing Outsourcing, Real Estate, Document Management Systems, Communication, Infrastructure, Entertainment and Campaigns. Over the years, Champions Group has grown to over a 1000 people group and diversified into various business sectors.

Stanley Rao As a Business Motivational Speaker has given many speechs at TFM&A, DMAI, Strategic Marketing Summit, Search Marketing Summits  about Marketing Outsouircing

TMFA Summit

Stanley Rao was the key note speaker at the TMF&A gave a speech on how marketing outsourcing would lead an organization to success in every business activity that they are doing. He believed that the delegates attending the summit will not just learn the techiques of marketing outsourcing, but will also learn how the business can gain double benefit in what ever they activity they are doing. With his years of experience in the advertising and marketing sectors, Stanley Rao began providing and bringing out solutions to the marketers based across the world. Today with all the success and fame that he has gained, he is recognized among the Top 100 most influential global sales and Marketing Technology Leaders” by Marketing Times.

Mr Rao was one of the main speaker at DMAi 2012 Mumbai, this event is told to be one of the first ever Indian Digital Marketing Event provdes  a platform for all the participants to share their thoughts and ideas on the advanced concepts of marketing.

DMAi Convention 2012

DMAi Convention was organized on the 1st of August 2012 with a mission to provide the delegates a huge knowledge on marketing and the strategies that would help the organizations in getting more sales, leads and better marketing results. Stanley Rao the online Marketing guru was one among the speakers who shared his views on Marketing Outsourcing: India's Next Multi Billion Dollars Engagement Mantra focussing his attention on what marketing outsourcing is all about and what are the advantages that one could gain from marketing outsourcing. Businesses in order to stay ahead of their competitors need to bring out changes to what ever activities they are doing in the organization. One cannot be satisfied with the changes that they already have in the organization.He believed that the convention is the best place for all the marketers and the business executives to understand and gain a clear understanding on marketing and the strategies one needs to adapt to get engaged and adjusted to their clients and customers.

Meet Stanley Rao at CMO Marketing Event this August 21st and get India's next Multi Billion Mantra - Marketing Outsourcing

This India's best Marketing Leader has been regarded as a very successful CEO at Champion Group and having a fantastic understanding of Marketing Outsourcing Industry. Stanley Rao was named 100 Most Influential Global Sales & Marketing Technology Leaders” by Marketing Times. He is also a founder of SMEI(India), a non-profit, sales and marketing think tank, Champions Trust and Charitable Foundations along with Surapaneni Educational Academy and Champions Lifelong Learning Society.

2010 is the year Champions Group CEO took a great initiative to promote Green marketing. He has organised "Run for Green" in Bangalore. More 2000 participants participated in this event and made it one of the biggest Go Green campaign in the city. These events will help us to save the nature where all citizens are coming together and giving maximum support. In the name of modernisation all most all trees are getting vanished this is the right time to save it and save our nature inturn will save our and next generations health and wealth.

Rao's Opinion about Outsourcing: 

Marketing Guru Stanley Rao says Outsourcing is the contract with a particular organization to perform certain activities that would lead them to a successful marketing campaign. Outsourcing leads and helps the employees of a particular organization who cannot afford for a better marketing campaign or implement in projects like the implementing of a particular website,email marketing campaigns and the different kinds of social media strategies, leading the organization to a number of advantages such as saving your money and return of investment etc. Outsourcing could lead to a number of activities like telemarketing, direct mail, and sales letters, Signage and vehicle graphics, template design and the creation of the content to post campaign analysis and copy writing that would include every thing else including the websites, campaigns, blogs, brochures, articles and press releases. Outsourcing through any activities being conducted in an organization offers greater flexibility and control on the activities you are doing. It helps the organization to pay for the things that they need, and reducing the need to hire a new staff for a activity in the organization.